Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is The Naturlaxer Kit In A Jar™?
The Naturalaxer Kit In A Jar™ is a complete curl softening system that is uniquely packaged inside a 20-ounce jar.

2. What comes in the Naturalaxer Kit?
The  Naturalaxer system includes; curl relaxer, softening shampoo, and moisturizing conditioner.

3) How is the Naturalaxer different from other Hair Relaxers?
The Naturalaxer contains no caustic or harsh chemicals.   Most hair relaxers contain sodium hydroxide (lye), calcium hydroxide ("no lye"), or lithium hydroxide. these chemicals break the bonds in your hair and erode your hair cuticle.

4) If the Naturalaxer doesn't break the bonds in hair how does it relax the curl?
The Naturalaxer formula raises the alkalinity (ph) of the hair causing it to soften and loosen the curl texture.

5) Is the Naturalaxer 100% chemical free?
The Naturalaxer is 92-98% natural depending on the hair type formula.  The synthetic ingredients are fillers and emulsifiers for a smooth application.  The active ingredients are natural.

6) How is the Naturalaxer different from Rio and Copa?
Both Rio and Copa are on the acid side of the ph meter.  The Naturalaxer is on the alkaline side of the ph meter.  Acidic formulas have been shown to cause tightly curled (N3 - N5) hair to become dry and hard.  Alkaline formulas soften our hair type. 

7) What ingredients are in the Naturalaxer?
The Naturalaxer is made with minerals, vitamins, amino acids, nut butters, essential oils, emulsyfiers, wax, and water.

8) Can I switch from a chemical hair straightener to the Naturalaxer?
Absolutely!  The Naturalaxer is compatible with other products.

9) Can the Naturalaxer be used on color treated hair?
Absolutely!  The Naturalaxer is the perfect way to to relax color treated hair without damage.

10) Will the Naturalaxer work on all  hair textures?
Yes!  The Naturalaxer comes in three strenghts to soften the natural texture of all types of hair from (N1 - N5.)

11) How do I know which strength of the Naturalaxer to use?
The Mild formula is for children and adults who want easy to comb natural hair.  The Medium Formula is for people who want to stay curly or wavy but reduce frizz and bulk. The Maximum Formula is for straight looks.

12) Will the Naturalaxer make my hair straight?
Relaxing your hair all the way to straight takes away the resiliency and body. The Naturalaxer is thermogenic (heat activated.)  It will get silky straight from blow-drying, wrapping, pressing or wet setting.  The Mild Formula will relax your curl about 35%. The Medium Formula will relax the natural curl about 60%. The Maximum Formula will relax your curl about 80%.   (We say about because it depends on how tight your natural curl is to begin with)

13) Can I put the Naturalaxer over my previously relaxed or permed hair?
Only apply the Naturalaxer to your new growth.

14) After using the Naturalaxer can I go back to using a chemical hair relaxer? 
We don’t think you’ll want to, but yes, you can go back to using traditional relaxers at any time.

 15) Do I have to use a special shampoo and conditioner after using the Naturalaxer?
You can use the products of your choice after completing the application of the Naturalaxer, however, your hair will look and feel it’s best if you use our Soft Curl Shampoo™ and Moisture Curl Conditioner™.

16) I’m Caucasian.  Can I use the Naturalaxer?
The Naturalaxer was made to work on all hair textures regardless of your racial or ethnic background.

17) My scalp is very sensitive will the Naturalaxer burn?
Only 1% of our customers will feel some type of scalp sensation.  If your scalp is sensitive base it with the  African Wonders PSB 100% Pure Shea Butter conditioner before applying the Naturalaxer.

18) After applying the Naturalaxer will I have “wash and wear” hair?
You will need to apply the African Wonders® Hair Dew gel to get a wavy or curly style.

19) Does the Naturalaxer wear off like some other hair softeners?
The Naturalaxer is permanent.

20) Will my hair revert in humid weather?
 No, the Naturalaxer will make your hair moisture resistant.

21) Will I still have to press my hair after the Naturalaxer?
No, your hair will go silky straight with the heat from a blow dryer.  However, if you use the Mild formula you can still press your hair and it will hold the press until your shampoo.

22) My hair is thick and coarse.  Will I need two kits?
Yes, for your first application.  Afterwards one kit should be enough.

23) How often should I reapply the Naturalaxer?
Depending on how fast your hair grows, you will need a touch-up every 4-6 weeks.

24) If I try the Mild and want my hair straighter can I go over it with the Medium?
Yes, you can always go up in strength but if you go down only the new growth will be affected.

25) How long has the Naturalaxer been on the market?
Professional hairstylists have used the formula for the last 5 years.  We perfected it and launched it in the consumer market this year.

26) Will the Naturalaxer make my hair grow?
The rate of hair growth is determined by heredity.  However, the Naturalaxer does not reduce the size of the hair cuticle or break the bonds in the hair, so you will be able to grow your hair longer.

27) Why does my hair still have texture after using the Naturalaxer?
The bonds in your hair are not broken so your hair retains its genetic memory.  However, the layers of your hair have been softened and will go silky straight when heat is applied.

28) Why does the Naturalaxer smell so strong if it is natural?
The amino acids and protein mixed with vegetable oils create an intense compound that softens, reconstructs and seals the hairshaft.  Beauty has its price :-)

29) Can I get the Naturalaxer every month without having to re-order?
Yes, just join the Naturalaxer Club and you will get a kit every month in time to do your touch up.

30) Why isn't the Naturalaxer sold in stores?
African Wonders is a small privately held company and we prefer to use higher quality ingredients than take on the expense and compromises required to sell to the mass market.

31) Will my hair be damaged if I overlap the Naturalaxer on my preivously relaxed hair?
The Naturalaxer will not damage your hair, only soften it so it will not be a problem if you overlap.

32) Can I apply the Naturalaxer over my previously relaxed hair?
We do not recommend it.  If the Naturalaxer is pulled through the relaxed hair during the last five minutes, it will balance the ph.

33) If my hair does not get straight enough with the Naturalaxer is there a waiting  period before I can do it over?
No, you don't have to wait to reapply the Naturalaxer.

34) Do I need to smooth or comb through the Naturalaxer when I apply it?
No, it is not necessary to smooth unless you want to get straighter hair.  We do not recommend combing because you could irritate your scalp.

35) If I have some of the curl relaxer left over can I save it?
Yes. The shelf life is 18 months.  Just reseal the ziplock bag and store it in the refridgerator.

36) Can I use the Naturalaxer over my curly perm?
You can use the Naturalaxer on your new growth.  Curly perms such as Jheri-Curl, Care Free Curl or Wave Noveaux tend to make your hair dry so we recommend using our Hydrolyzer Conditioner to moisturize and the Recovery Treatment on the curly permed hair to make it stronger.

37) Can I use the Naturalaxer on my daughter's hair?
We do not recommend using the Naturalaxer on children under 5 years old.  Always base your child's scalp with petroleum jelly before applying the curl relaxer.  Rinse the product out and shampoo immediately if they complain of scalp sensitivity.

38) Will the Naturalaxer make my hair curly?
If your natural texture is very curly the Naturalaxer will loosen the curl.  Hair that is in a zigzag pattern will become wavy and wavy textured hair will be straightened by the Naturalaxer.

39) Can I put the Naturalaxer over damaged hair?
We do not recommend applying the Naturalaxer on top of hair that is overprocessed with bleach/peroxide or damaged from excessive use of heat appliances.  Use the African Wonders Recovery Treatment and Hydrolyzer conditioners on the damaged hair and apply the Naturalaxer to the new growth only.  Trim your hair after each touch-up until the damaged hair has all been cut off.